GloomHaven Dungeon Master v.2.10

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If you are a 3D Modeler or Illustrator and you are interessting in volunteering your talent by helping out on the app please let me know through the facebook group or by sending a message to

March/29/2018 Version 2.10 Android released

March/29/2018 Version 2.10 PC released

Mar/26/2018 - Added all March Supporters ! Thank You !

The App

Created by: Donald Brisson

Free up table space. Play with more friends! Replace all the cluter of multiple cards and tokens, easily track monster health and conditions, never forget to decrease room infusion, keep track of your round number all within one simple app.

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Disclamer: Although I strive to ensure the app works on common devices and OS, I cannot garantee that the it will be compatible with your OS or Device.

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Release Notes

Version 2.10 Release

  • Fixes:
  • Ooze initiative 85 Now displays poison and text "Target all adjacent enemies""
  • Spitting Drake initiative 57 removed AoE attack
  • Hound initiative 19 fixed typo
  • Scenario 21 added Prime Demon and Flame Demon
  • Scenario 36 Prime Demon health calculation fixed

Version 2.09 PC Release

  • Fixes:
  • Spitting Dragon initiative 57 AI Card no longer has duplicate text
  • Added missing Night Demons on Scenario 46
  • Added health bars
  • Changed Elite pane to better differenciate it from normal monsters
  • Captain of the Guard no longer causes crach

Version 2.08 Release

  • Fixes:
  • Loot icons now show in Monster AI Deck

Version 2.07 Release

  • Fixes:
  • Added missing disadvantage attribute on Night Demon
  • Added missing advantage attribute on Sun Demon
  • Fixed bug that caused Pierce to no show up on some monsters
  • Fixed AI Card mechanic for monsters that aren't in play

Version 2.06 Release

  • Fixes:
  • Sightless Eye's AoE now says A instead of B
  • Sightless Eye's AoE are now melee range
  • Added Version number at the top of the window while displayed in windowed mode
  • Added the missing City Guards to Scenario 11
  • Added the missing City Guards to Scenario 12

Version 2.05 Release

  • Fixes: 
  • Living Corpse initiative 21 AI Card now correctly shows muddle and immobolized
  • Living Corpse initiative 71 AI Card removed poison from attack
  • Living Corpse initiative 71 AI Card added line "target all adjacent enemies"
  • Archer initiative 14 AI Card corrected moved modifier from +1 to -1
  • Flame Demon initiative 5 AI Card now correctly shows melee attack instead of ranged attack
  • Corrected other AoE stats that where incorrectly showing Range icon when attack is melee
  • Added the missing Wind Demon to Scenario 4
  • Removed Living Corpse from Scenario 5
  • Added Living Bones to Scenario 5
  • Changes:
  • Switched reset icons to the power button image for ease of use
  • Switched round reset button to power image to remain consistent with the deck reset button

Version 2.04 Release

  • Fixes: 
  • Imp initiative 43 AI Card fixed database
  • Added Forest Imp to Scenario 48
  • Fixed Living Spirit initiative 55 AI Card curse range
  • Fixed curses missing in attacks
  • Shield text not fully appearing on various resolutions
  • Lurker initiative 41 AI Card now displays the strengthen
  • Lurkey initiative 11 AI Card now display wound instead of attack
  • Changes:
  • Dice Icon is now the same as reset symbal to remain consistent
  • Changed the "Are you sure you want to quit" panel buttons
  • Removed the cancel button, you now click on the blank space to cancel (to match other panels)
  • Changed "OK" to "Quit"

Special Thanks to all my Supporters

  • Chase Chapman
  • Joe Tacconelli
  • Daniel Shorten
  • Bjorn Flensborg
  • Aaron Anderson
  • Alan Anderson
  • Don Davidson
  • Emmanuel Maniatis
  • Mark Farbus
  • Nathan Statum
  • Michael Flensborg
  • Adam Grover
  • Bryan Winter
  • Alan McSporran
  • Karel de Groot
  • Cary Wong
  • Martin Hebert
  • Ryan Espin
  • Narsir
  • Joseph Weber
  • Joe Webster
  • Michael Flensborg
  • Vinzenz Tuerpe
  • Guido Marzucchi